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Climate Control

Climate-Controlled NEMA Enclosures

What are your climate control needs for your enclosures? Let us know and our engineering staff will find the best solution for your exact requirements. Or read on below to learn about the various options to help regulate your enclosure’s temperature.

Custom Climate Controlled Enclosures

Climate controlled enclosures play a significant role in keeping your equipment safe and secure in the long term. Whether you’re overseeing traffic control boxes, solar batteries, generators or telecommunication equipment, your gear is likely susceptible to high temperatures and humidity. Overheating, condensation and freezing can cause permanent damage and shorten the lifespan of your equipment.

To continue performing properly, your equipment requires a regulated environment. Our climate control features combat heat and humidity by creating a stable environment year-round. Learn more about our heating, cooling and insulation options for your temperature-controlled enclosure.

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Air Conditioned NEMA Enclosures

Depending on your location and equipment, adding air conditioning can range from advantageous to absolutely essential. An air-conditioned NEMA enclosure allows you to closely oversee the temperature of your unit and ensure it stays within an optimal range. Our optional cooling units separate outside air from the structure’s internal air, regulating the temperature while protecting your equipment from dust, dirt and corrosion.

With an A/C unit, you can be confident that your gear is cooled and safe from overheating and freezing. An electrical enclosure housing sensitive equipment will particularly benefit from an air conditioner.

Air conditioning features include:

  • AC models range in capacity from 800 to 12,000 BTU/HR.

  • Units available in voltages of 50 HZ and 60 HZ, single phase.

  • Closed-loop cooling so that hostile ambient air remains outside of the enclosure.

  • Hot gas by-pass valve to regulate the cooling of the air conditioner, as well as eliminate evaporator coil freezing periods of low heat load and low ambient air temperature.

  • Thermostatic control.

  • Dual centrifugal blowers placed at air outlets to provide optimum air circulation within the enclosure.

  • Large surface air filters to reduce cleaning frequency.

  • Easy access for service and maintenance.

  • Mounting options to door, side, top, or rack rails with gaskets included to seal the package airtight.

  • Protective aluminum hood kits to protect externally mounted AC/Heat from extreme weather and vandalism.


Within each air conditioner, the recirculated clean enclosure air is kept separate from the ambient airflow system. This protects the electronic controls and prevents shutdowns caused by heat, humidity, dust or other contaminants.


How much climate control you need varies from one application to another. Please contact APX Enclosures, Inc. and one of our project engineers will gladly calculate your BTU/HR requirements.

Heated and Insulated NEMA Enclosures

Quality insulation is vital for proper climate control. We generally recommend outfitting your custom structures with insulation features in order to reduce heat flow and maintain a regular temperature. Our insulation options provide a seamless method to control the heat coming in and out of your enclosure. This will optimize your heater and air conditioner’s efficiency while further reducing the risk of humidity, moisture and water damage.

APX Enclosures offers a variety of customizable heating and insulation options. We can design your enclosure to include features like heater kits, fan kits, gas vent kits and air filters. We can also finish your cabinet with a heat-resistant ceramic coating for maximum insulation.

Awning Kit

Provides shelter for technicians who are working in enclosures during inclement weather.

Available as a custom order option.

Battery Heater Blankets

Flexible and lightweight silicone rubber heater provides 600 watts of heat and is thermostat controlled.

Blanket heaters operate on 110 VAC and are a factory installed option.

Fan Kit

Fan kit consists of a fan (AC or DC), thermostat, guard, lead assembly and mounting screws. The standard fan kit is 110 VAC.

Can be factory installed or shipped separately.


Disposable Filters:

28 x 45 x 3/4

6 x 16 x 1

10 x 16 x 1

12 x 16 x 1

14 x 25 x 1

16 x 25 x 1

24 x 12 x 1

5 x 8 x 1/2

10 x 10 x 1

14 x 4 x 1

12 x 12 x 1

14 x 20 x 1

16 x 20 x 1

16 x 30 x 1

5 3/8 x 10 1/8 x 1

Metal E-Z Clean Filters:

6 x 16 x 1

1/2 x 14 x 25

12 x 16 x 1

10 x 20 x 1

8 x 15 x 1

12 x 12 x 1

5.375 x 12.3 x 1

10 x 10 x 1

Gas Vent Kit

The gas vent kit provides a means to vent small enclosures. It is available as a factory-installed option or may be field installed by drilling a 1.125-inch hole in the enclosure’s top.

Heater Kit

Heater kits consist of strip heater, guards and a thermostat and are available in 150, 300 or 500 watts (110 VAC).

Heater kits can be factory installed or shipped separately

Heat-Resistant Ceramic Coating


Special heat-resistant coating reflects 95% of the direct solar load on the cabinet thereby eliminating the need for air conditioners and heat exchangers, which can save up to 80% on the initial cost of the enclosure. The coating protects expensive electrical systems from high outside air temperatures and preserves the lifespan of the equipment. A special anti-graffiti clear coat finish enhances and protects the primary coating.

Applications include:

  • Security Enclosures – Clear Circuit TV and Surveillance

  • Battery Enclosures

  • Telecommunications Enclosures

  • Transformer Style Enclosures

Test results shown in the graph indicate that the heat resistance coating keeps the internal portion of the enclosure cooler vs. non-coated enclosure. In colder climates, the coating process can be reversed to keep the enclosure warmer by utilizing the heat generated by the internal equipment.

Sun Shields

Aluminum panels custom designed and mounted on standoffs on selected sides of the enclosure to reduce exposure to direct sunlight.

Sun Shields are available as a custom factory installed option only.  

Additional Customization Options

In addition to climate control, you can take advantage of our many customization options. Incorporate a variety of performance-driven optional accessories for your enclosure, such as:

  • Special electrical assembly and integration accessories

  • Custom hardware features

  • Custom metal panels

  • A variety of quality material finishes

  • Digital printing and silk screening options

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Looking for an outdoor climate controlled enclosure to keep your sensitive equipment safe? We can help. When you partner with APX Enclosures, you can count on your final product meeting the highest NEMA quality standards. Our tailored approach ensures we can help you create the ideal insulated enclosure for your needs.

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