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NEMA Enclosures

NEMA Enclosures

Electrical enclosure cabinets protect electronic equipment from exterior damage and personnel from electric shock. The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has standards for these enclosures to ensure their safety and reliability during operation and throughout their lifespan. At APX Enclosures, we make electrical cabinets that are NEMA certified and tailored to your exact standards.

Who Is NEMA?

NEMA is an organization that standardizes electrical equipment so consumers can purchase safe and compatible devices. Their standards focus on the function of the enclosure, specifying what the enclosure needs to do for the customer rather than how the manufacturer makes it. A product is NEMA certified when it is determined by the manufacturer or a third party to meet its class standards, as NEMA does not test products themselves.

NEMA Enclosure Types

There are many NEMA enclosure types that meet various standards. APX Enclosures specializes in designs meeting NEMA 3R and 4X standards, and these are the only NEMA enclosure types we make that are officially certified. Whatever enclosure type you order, we will manufacture it with quality and care.

NEMA 4X Versus 3R

APX Enclosures specializes in two NEMA outdoor enclosures — 3R and 4X. These are both configurations that provide comprehensive protection. The qualities they have in common include:

  • Suitability for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Protection against unauthorized personnel accessing the hazardous parts inside.

  • Prevention of foreign objects from getting inside the cabinet.

  • Mitigation of the effects of water damage.

  • Thorough protection in the event of ice forming on the enclosure.

Apart from these features, the two standards have some key differences. NEMA 3R protects against more solid foreign objects like falling dirt, whereas NEMA 4X can also handle smaller particles like windblown dust. They both protect against rain, sleet and snow, and 4X offers additional protection against splashing and hose-directed water. NEMA 4X also has another level of protection against corrosion, ensuring the electrical enclosure cabinet will offer exceptional longevity.

If you are unsure which enclosure standard is best for you, our engineering team can provide more information.

Configuration Options

Our NEMA enclosures are available in a wide variety of styles and mounting options, including the following:

After you choose your cabinet style, you can take advantage of our customization services, such as:

  • Custom metal panels and finishes.

  • Silk screening and digital printing.

  • Climate control integration.

  • Special electrical assembly and integration.

Order An Electrical Enclosure Cabinet From APX Enclosures Today

APX Enclosures is the place to go for your NEMA outdoor enclosure cabinets. Since 2001, we have provided customers across the United States with high-quality, custom-made cabinets designed to meet their needs.

Contact APX Enclosures today through our online contact form for more information or to order your NEMA enclosures. Our enclosures are made in the USA.