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Double Door Enclosure

Double Door Enclosure Designs

APX Enclosures is your complete source for UL Listed Control Panels and Aluminum/Stainless Steel Outdoor Enclosures. All enclosures and panels manufactured by APX are UL Listed to 508A and supplied with the UL/CUL Label.

Double Door Enclosure

Both APX NEMA 3R and 4X rated double door enclosures are designed to house electronic controls, terminals and instruments, and to provide protection from rain, sleet, snow, dripping water and corrosion, while providing ventilation for sensitive equipment. APX NEMA 4X rated double door enclosures are designed to provide additional protection from hose-down, splashing water and oil or coolant seepage. 

Material: 125 aluminum, 14 gauge stainless steel 

Equipment Mounting: shelf, back panel, 19″ and 24″ rack, custom

NEMA Ratings: 3R and 4X UL Listed 

11 Standard Sizes

Custom Sizes Available.