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Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Electrical Enclosures

Stainless steel is a durable, long-lasting solution for protecting your electrical equipment. The features of stainless steel include:

  • Toughness: Stainless steel is a strong material that will stand up in any harsh conditions, including accidental damage.

  • Non-corrosive: This material has great resistance against corrosion and rust.

  • Hygienic: Because stainless steel is non-porous, it resists the growth of bacteria and germs.

  • Temperature stability: This material is fireproof and remains stable in cold temperatures.

If your application requires a NEMA 4X or 3R electrical cabinet, get in touch with APX Enclosures as your stainless steel enclosure manufacturer. We have many cabinet styles available and can customize them to your specifications.

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Stainless Steel Enclosure Customizations

APX Enclosures offers cabinets in various layouts, so you can choose from aspects such as the size and placement of the doors. Our standard configurations are:

In addition to choosing your cabinet arrangement, you can select from a variety of customization options. We can tailor a standard stainless steel cabinet into an enclosure that will meet every need. Our engineers will create a sketch for your approval, then we will begin manufacturing your custom unit.

Make your cabinet your own with your choice of:

  • Finishes: Finish options provide an extra layer of protection for stainless steel.

  • Heating and air conditioning: Climate control options for heating and cooling stabilize the temperature inside the cabinet.

  • Fan kits (NEMA 3R): A fan will circulate the air to keep temperatures stable. Insulation: Insulating your electrical enclosure helps regulate the internal temperature.

  • Electrical integration: Electrical components such as overhead lighting or a door alarm can be factory installed or shipped separately.

  • Racks and shelves: We can make custom shelves and racks for any location in your cabinet.

NEMA 4X Enclosure Stainless Steel Applications

Stainless steel is ideal for extreme conditions, including weather, chemicals and temperatures. An enclosure made with this material will protect its interior components from virtually every harm. Stainless steel electrical cabinets are common in:

  • Hospitals: Medical centers and other sanitary facilities need to be as hygienic as possible, and they benefit from the sanitary property of stainless steel.

  • Waste and water treatment plants: The harsh environment of utility plants cannot penetrate a durable stainless steel enclosure

  • Pharmaceutical product manufacturing: Stainless steel is ideal for facilities that rely on cleanliness, like pharmaceutical manufacturing plants.

  • Oil and gas processing: Stainless steel can withstand the harsh environment of an oil and gas processing facility.

  • Food and beverage production and packaging: Factories that work with food and beverage products benefit from hygienic and durable stainless steel.

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Request a Quote for a Stainless Steel Electrical Enclosure

APX Enclosures has the stainless steel NEMA 3R and 4X enclosures you need for your facility. Our team can customize your cabinet based on your unique application, from the layout to extra features. Contact us today to learn more about our stainless steel electrical cabinets or request a quote.

All of our enclosures are made in the USA!