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Nema 3R

NEMA 3R Enclosures

A NEMA 3R enclosure is a type of electrical cabinet that:

  • Protects components from weather conditions such as rain, snow and ice.

  • Keeps water, dirt and dust from getting inside.

  • Prevents personnel from accessing hazardous parts.

Compared to lower-tier NEMA ratings, the NEMA 3R rating can stand up to additional weather conditions, providing comprehensive defense against the elements. This security is why the NEMA 3R electrical enclosure is common for junction and wiring boxes for utilities and communications and for housing other critical electrical components in outdoor environments.

At APX Enclosures, the NEMA type 3R electrical enclosure is one of our specialty protective cabinets. Each cabinet we manufacture is NEMA certified, UL Listed, weatherproof, non-corrosive and highly customizable to your specifications. Your product will be long-lasting and suitable for your application.

Are you interested in speaking with our team about your 3R enclosure project? Get started by completing our contact form or calling at 717-328-9399.

NEMA 3R Enclosure Types

When you order a NEMA 3R enclosure from APX Enclosures, you will have your choice of many material options and cabinet configurations. We manufacture our indoor/outdoor electrical enclosures from the following materials:

We also have many enclosure styles available. Choose the layout that is suitable for your application:

  • Rack mount: Rack frame mounted inside the enclosure and has two doors.

  • Econoline: Two opposing doors hinged on identical edges.

  • Double door: Two doors are side-by-side and hinged on opposing edges.

  • Large single door: One large side-hinged door.

  • Small single door: One small side-hinged door.

  • Pedestal: Mounts on a pedestal and has one door.

  • Quad door: Two doors are hinged on opposite edges, side-by-side, on both sides of the cabinet.

  • Front and rear door: Two doors are hinged on opposite edges on opposite sides of the enclosure.

  • Specline: One side-hinged door on a shallow cabinet.

  • Custom NEMA Enclosures: A completely custom enclosure, designed from the ground up by our team to meet your specifications.

Customization Options

We know that no two cabinets are used the same way, so we can manufacture our cabinets based on your specifications. APX Enclosures can create a NEMA 3R rated enclosure that is customized to your unique needs. Our engineers will construct a specialized design that meets your approval.

Customizations we offer include:

  • Climate control: These climate control options will keep your electrical components at an ideal operating temperature.

  • Multiple finishes: Our finishing options provide additional protection.

  • Mounting options: Choose from several mounting styles based on your space.

  • Insulation: Insulation stabilizes the temperature inside the cabinet.

  • Electrical integration: Get electrical wiring for components like power strips and door alarms.

  • Fan kits: Fans help circulate the air throughout the enclosure.

  • Racks and shelving: Our shelf and rack configurations are perfectly situated for your cabinet.

Visit our customization options page for more information about personalizing your unit.

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